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Professional rentals

Need apartments for your employees? Explore professional rental options at Urban Home!


Renting an apartment doesn't have to be a compromise


These comfortable apartments we furnished and equipped having rental for company's employees in mind. Perhaps for your company?

Professional rental can offer your company and employees more than you might think. We believe that renting an apartment doesn't have to be a compromise or a continuous adaptation to the requirements and moods of the private landlord. We analyzed the negative aspects of private lettings and decided to propose an alternative.

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Rent the apartment for your employees from UrbanHome - it's easier than you think!

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Many apartments - one landlord

The company can accommodate many employees at once, in one location and with one landlord. That’s why you don’t waste time looking for premises, talking to several people and dealing with formalities with each of them. At Urban Home, we can discuss the lease terms and present you with a ready-to-sign contract, within just 48 hours.

Only one invoice

By renting apartments from us for your employees, you get a single invoice for all the units. You have full information about the costs of accommodation. Payments can be settled in Polish zloty or in euro – whichever you prefer.

Stable rental terms

We guarantee that the rental price won’t change throughout the term of the contract. Accordingly, the cost of renting apartments is fully predictable for the company and can easily be incorporated into your financial plan.

Easy staff relocation

We offer a selection of apartments in Wrocław, Kraków and Warsaw. Therefore, your company can easily assign an employee to a company branch in any of those cities. There will be an apartment of the same standard, waiting for them there. Rental formalities will only take a moment.

Our standard offer
means more

Our rental services are definitely more than just collecting rent. We care about the true comfort of our tenants and corporate clients.


Tenant Manager at your service

We offer Tenant Manager services to residents. In case of equipment failure in the apartment, locked keys or lighting failure, you simply need to report the matter to the tenant manager and they will solve the problem immediately


Professional rental service

Renting apartments is at the core of our business, it isn’t a side activity. This is why, we provide fully professional customer service. If you wish to discuss urgent rental-related matters, you can contact the tenant manager at any time.


Home Office? Why not?

In the building at Traugutta 13, we have designed an additional coworking space. It’s a comfortable spot to work, equipped with a kitchenette, where your employees can prepare a coffee or warm up their lunch, if needed. If an entire work team is accommodated in the building, this is an ideal spot to work as a group outside of a typical office

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Urban Home projects - a new quality in the professional rental market

Can you quickly and easily rent a large number of apartments for your employees? Yes, absolutely. Our projects are available in the largest agglomerations in Poland: Wrocław, Warsaw and Kraków. We know that no company wants to deal with the hassle of having accommodation scattered around the city and inflated costs! Check out our apartments.

Our apartments - elevating comfort for your employees



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